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Hi Wes & Linn,
Thought I'd send you some newer pictures of my baby, Pita.  I can't believe how quickly the time has passed; after 4 years she is still THE JOY OF MY LIFE!!!!  Thanks for bringing her into this world!  Disreguard the photo name titled "Naughty Pita" -- I came home one afternoon and she was chilling on the dining room table-- it's still one of my favorite pictures (Pita being on my tables is actually quite common)....  LOL


Miss Emilee Teagan Mopbles

Wanted to let you know we arrived back in Nebraska late Sunday night. We have named our little girl Miss Emilee. She does not like the cold weather here, and never seems to walk. She bounces around like she has spring loaded paws. So much fun to watch her play with the cats. One of our cats has adopted her. The cat loves taking care of her, and when Emilee barks the cat comes running to make sure Emilee is ok. She has a special way of making a person smile, just can't help it when you watch her. We fell in love fast, she is wonderful. Thank you so much for honoring us with one of your angels. Janice, Dan and Maddison


Wes and Linn, 

Just wanted you to know, Misty is very loved... We are happy to have her in our family!! Lenzi just loves her, just as we thought she would... Thank you again for a wonderful puppy. Hope your Christmas was amazing as ours was!! LY


Hi Linn and. Wes,
I wanted to thank you again for Gizmo he is adorable and full of energy! I can't go very far with him without people stopping us to find out where I got him from! So I am sending many people your way. I just have one question, do u have any suggestion for getting rid of the tear stains? Thanks again Shannon


Hi you guys.  Daisy Belle is doing extremely well & is still the sweetest, happiest little puppy I've ever seen.  She was spayed & micro chipped last week.  The vet said to keep her calm for 2 weeks....that vet is crazy if she thought that was possible.  The minute I brought her home the following day she RAN into the house to chase the kitties.  She was so cute bumping into things w/ her cone thingie on.  She will be taking her first airplane ride w/ me (in coach) the week of Thanksgiving to spend time in southern California with my family.  I will send new pic(s) soon.


Dear Wesley and Linn,
       We picked up our little baby yesterday and he is just a delight! He has so much energy and is just a joy to have around! Unlike our other two dogs, he LOVES to cuddle which the girls really appreciate! He is the perfect addition to our clan and we are overjoyed that we found you guys! Thank you so much for all your help in getting us the perfect pup! I know us living in a different state complicated the matter a bit, but you guys made it so easy and convenient to pick out the little one and get him to our home! I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for a furry Maltese friend! Thanks again for going out of your way to get us our beautiful baby boy!

Hello Linn and Wesley,

I wanted to again thank God and you both for blessing me with pooh (now DJ) ha ha..He really is a character like you mention he was. When I first got him at the airport I couldn't help, but fall more in love with him. HE LOOKED SO ADORABLE! AND TINY! I admit there was some tension with my father because he did not want a dog, but after spending some time with DJ he immediantly fell in love with him, he even bought him a VERY NICE bed! I was surprised knowing that he's very serious most of the time ha ha. After the first day DJ instanly felt comfortable, I was afraid he wouldn't because he seemed very shy to get out the dog carrier. Fortunately, after some time sniffing and wandering around the house, he became comforatable and started playing and chewing on his toys! I AM SOO HAPPY to have him! He's very intelligent too! He now knows how to catch and return the ball or toy to me I was so surprised due to his age, but I should've known that he would learn quickly. Ha ha ha. I will surely recommend you to my friends and family members who are interested in getting a dog. He is so beautiful, I can't thank you two enough for your kindness and patience. Especially for raising such wonderful animal companions like DJ. Thank you again and God Bless!


Hello Wesley,
I just wanted to give you an update on Lola. She is doing wonderfully. She had her second round of shots yesterday and was very brave with the vet.
She is absolutely amazing. I am so in love with her and grateful to have her be a part of our family. She is full of energy and has a contagious personality that makes everyone fall in love with her. She is very sweet and loving.

Thank you so much! You were very helpful throughout the process and made the transactions easy and timely. I wish you, your wife and your extended dog family the very best. Thank you so very much.
I've attached her latest pictures. Enjoy!


Hi Linn & Wesley!

Quick update on "Trinity" whom I have now renamed "Pita".  I hate to tell you why, but I will~ Pita is actually an acronym for "Pain In The Ass"!  She constantly bugs the other 3 dogs in the house and somehow that name just fit.  She is by no means a PITA to me-- as I mentioned in the first email, she is the absolute light of my life!!  She has the biggest personality and stays so busy, I almost called her "Bee".  She buzzes around and gets into anything and everything she can find.  She has grown like a weed- I think she's about 3 times as big as the night I brought her home.  I just can't believe how much she's grown.  We go for our first vet visit (and shots) on Thursday-- wish me luck!  She has already learned to sit and she's doing well with "come" as well.  She definitely knows she needs to potty outside, but she still will squat right in front of me... I can't thank you enough for your patience while I was picking her out. 

You'll definitely receive my business again (maybe sooner than I think...) and I'm sure that my parents &/or sister(s) will visit you in the future as well!  Looks like you have another cute litter of puppies to keep your hands full!  So sweet-- did I see that Montana is still available?  =(   I've attached a couple of pictures but I haven't uploaded the most recent ones yet.


Hi Linn,

 Lucky is doing very well.He is a good boy and is having so much fun. We are very happy to have him in our family.Thank you so much for letting us have this perfect dog!!!!!


Dear Wesley & Linn,

Trinity has been such a DELIGHT already!!  Mom, Dad & I have been so impressed with the ease of her adjustment to a very new home.  We can tell that she has been loved and handled often. She settled down about a minute into the car ride home. She is extremely playful & energetic, fearless (as you mentioned) and an overall bundle of joy.  My jaws hurt from smiling all evening.  We put her in a cat bed with a stuffed teddy bear after dinner and she nestled in and slept for almost an hour.  I haven't yet decided on a name for her, although I'm leaning towards "Lollipop" because she LOVES to lick!  I've already taken several pictures, which I'll get uploaded and sent to you soon. Thank you so much for your patience while I was making this huge gut-wrenching decision-- it was just so difficult because they were all so stinking adorable!  I'm not sure how I ever lived a day without her now.... 


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ragle,
I just wanted to let you know that we arrived home safely last night @ about 10:00pm. And i wanted to thank you again.  She is everything I have been wanting for such a long time.   Thank you thank you thank you. Well i'll try to send pics after a while.
Megan G


Linn & Wes,   
 This Email is overdue …. We wanted to say how nice it was to meet you and visit in your home.  We enjoyed having the opportunity
 to view the little Maltese puppies before making a selection.  And, without a doubt we have been having a wonderful time training and playing with
 our little girl …. We named her “Piper” after one of our favorite champagnes because she brings us such joy …. And we find ourselves constantly smiling!!!!  The drive around  Possum Kingdom  was fun, and she was just a perfect little camper.  We have enjoyed shopping for her needs …bringing home fun toys and necessities.    She has been the perfect addition to our family.  And, we look forward to introducing her to all our friends and family in the near future.  Thank you for all your hospitality and patience.  I would love to visit with you again…. And we will take some fun pictures and keep you posted on Piper’s development. 


Hi Wes and Linn,     
It has been a few weeks, but I just wanted to thank you for my little puppy. I decided to name her Chloe and she is so cute and playful. She loves to play and
run full speed in circles around the living room and kitchen. I started trying to crate train her the first day but she hated it so now she sleeps with me. She
is an extremely intelligent and gorgeous dog. I cannot even walk around the block without people coming up to tell me how cute she is. Thank you so much! 

Amanda B


Hi Wes & Linn, 
Bob and I would like to thank you so much for our little Malta-Poo puppy, Abby Gail.  She is exactly how you said she would be and even more!  You will never know what her coming into our lives has done for us, especially me.  I will always remember the kindness, patience and courtesy you gave me during my purchasing process and appreciate your willingness to talk about all of my concerns.  I will definitely recommend your business to my family, friends and contacts. This is the very first puppy dog in my life and you both made it so easy, thanks so much!
After our return trip from the airport we stopped at the local pet store.  Bob was telling me that he grew up with dogs, mostly Spaniels and Sheppard's and said that he was a bit embarrassed to be seen holding such a little dog at the pet store, as he thinks that a big guy at 6' 4" and 250lbs. should be seen with a bigger dog.  But after walking around the pet store with Abby Gail cradled in his arm and receiving loads of attention from all the customers and staff, he instantly took the role of proud and protective new parent and mentioned that this little puppy is really cool, I love this little girl.  Anyway, we just wanted to share our first story together with you.  Thanks again for all your help and advice and we will send pictures soon.
Heather & Bob


Hi Wesley!!

Of course I didn't forget about the little angel.  I don't know if Jason told Linn or not, but Madison was ok when we picked her up, just a little wet and cold.  I took a towel so we could wrap her up because I figured she would be cold here coming from Texas, so it all was ok.  She is biting my toes as we speak=)  She has adjusted really well and I just want to THANK YOU so much for bringing us so much joy, already.  Linn gave Jason some valuable information the other day regarding her diet and cleaning and please tell her we said thanks.  We have been calling her Maddy for short, but I don't think that she knows her name as of yet.  She is a gorgeous dog and she has a great personality.  Some of my family were in town this weekend and they all loved her, and she loved them.  Attached are some pictures from this weekend, hope you enjoy them.  If you need me to ever give a reference please do not hesitate to give out my e-mail address.  Thank you both so much and take care down there=)
Rebecca and Jason



Hi guys!

We just love little Sadie! She is so cute and so happy! She is spoiled rotten J Just wanted to drop in a line to say thank you so much! We absolutely adore her! Our two labs really like her too- and she LOVES them!!! She has figured out how to get outside when we open the door and the screen is shut (we have a hole in the screen)- so she loves poking her head out there to see what the big dogs are doing!

Anyways, I will attach a cute pic! Thanks again so much- we love her


Katy, Chris, Sadie Lou, Macie, and Belle


Hi guys,


Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how well Samson (Sammy) is doing. He is the light of our lives! You would not believe how cute and friendly he is. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him because he has the best personality and gorgeous fluffy hair. I hope you are doing well. I feel really blessed to have found you and adopted such a smart, healthy puppy...I will send you some pictures soon.


Thanks again, 

Susan B



Linn & Wesley,

Thank you very much for the shampoo name. I already got it. We spoke with your wife the other day and she did mention that she was very sad to let go of Lilly. I understand why cause Lilly is such a cute thing. I miss her if I go to the store...lol. Lilly is doing very well. She loves playing and biting everything she can get her hand on....lol. I am kind of in the middle of moving from our apartment to our new house otherwise I would have sent you some of her pictures. I will send you pics later on. Oh, I do remember her shot date in April 10th but I will take her to the vet next week just incase she needs the worming shot early.

If you and your wife ever plan on visiting phoenix please join us for dinner sometimes and visit Lilly. 

Take care



Wesley & Linn, just had to e-mail you this morning to let you what a great night we had last night. We named him Sam - as we were deciding what to name him- he barked when Allison said Sam, so everyone agreed that was it. He was great on the ride home - very playful last night - and went to sleep with us. He did not cry or whine at all. When I woke up this morning, I put him on his pad and he used the restroom. Has not had any accidents at all (yet). He is a very well behaved puppy!! My kids are beside themselves, very happy. Nicholas was very surprised as he had not idea what we were up to.

Thank you so much. I'll e-mail you a picture when I get a chance.

Have a great day!



She is sooooooooo adorable and VERY well trained, my family and I enjoy her company ALOT. I have a friend that is looking for a dog and I have suggested you. Thank you sooooooooooo much for the puppy!

                                        thanks again,                                              



How are you?  I wish I had a current picture of Kayla to send you, but we haven't taken any in a while.  I am writing because we are looking to get another female Maltese.  We think Kayla would really love to have a 24/7 playmate.  Her dog walker takes her to the park twice a week with some french bulldogs and she just loves it.  We were wondering if you were having a litter soon?   

We are headed to Ft Worth for the holidays.  It's Kayla's first road trip!   

Happy Thanksgiving!



Wesley and Linn,

Well, the puppy is a hit!  Very precious, very playful and loves to sleep a lot.  I don't think we will ever agree on a name, though.  Thanks so much.  You both have very kind hearts.  Be assured that the puppy will receive great care.



Wesley and Linn,

I write a column for DFW Community Newspapers and thought you would get a kick out of this one about the puppy.

REMINDERS FOR THE JOURNEY – December 30, 2006   

Please Hear My Plea for Sympathy  

 Earlier this year, Moppitt, our beloved family dog, died.  Even though I am not much of a “pet person,” I grew very fond of this gentle, white fluffball over the past 12 years or so.  However, since Moppitt’s death, I have been resolute that I don’t want another dog.  Then, the weekend before Christmas, my wife began making noises that we should get another one.  Being tuned in to her as I am, my immediate response was, “You’re working me.  And quit it!”  Of course, followed by the manly dictum, “No way!”  (Which, by the way, I think should be the name of our new puppy.  Noway.  Sounds cute and clever, don’t you think?  Well, my wife doesn’t!)   

However, I already knew I was doomed.  My youngest daughter, age 16, who can be a daddy melter, was also working me.  One grown man against 2 persuasive females makes it a slam-dunk for them, similar to the Dallas Cowboys debacle against the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas afternoon.  Absolutely, utterly hopeless for my side!   

Well, being the spineless sap I am, last Sunday afternoon, Christmas Eve, we made our way across the metroplex to meet a couple on the other side of Ft. Worth that breeds and sells puppies, and then drove back home with my wife holding a white ball of fluff, a maltipoo, no bigger than my hand, asleep upon her chest.  I guess it was meant to be, as the husband of the other couple is also a therapist, a sign to my wife that this was ordained!  Being the skeptic I am, I only saw it as a coincidence, not a sign.  Yet, what are the odds of that happening?  And of course, they were such a nice couple, coming way off their price because of their compassion for my wife, who told them how sad she was that Moppitt died, along with, “Well, we can only pay such-and such,” which was true.  Looks like I’m not the only sap she can work. 

Well, spineless I am.  Just a few weeks ago when I petitioned my wife to say the latest “No!” to our 16 year old daughter, because I was weary of saying it, she stated derisively, “I am going to sprinkle some seeds on your back, then water them, and see if you can grow some spine!”  Well, she should be glad she didn’t, because now she has a puppy. 

 When some people look at a puppy, they see cuddling, playfulness and a bushel of cuteness.  When I see a puppy, I first see the ball and chain that comes with it.  I like the other stuff as well, but like the old song says, “I haven’t got time for the pain!    But puppies, just like wives, husbands, kids, careers, passions, friends, or anything else that is worthwhile, are a lot of trouble.  Truth is, anything worthwhile presents its own measure of trouble, and if we accept it, and stop whining and complaining about it, it is much easier.   

So, if you see me, I really would appreciate some sympathy, ‘cause I need and deserve it.  However, I am going to try to practice what I preach with this puppy and accept the bad with the good, all the while trying to see if this ol’ dog can learn a few new tricks. 

(Doug S. is a licensed professional counselor with emphasis on marriage and family in the Greater Lewisville/Flower Mound/Highland Village area


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